Program Planning Committee

Committee Members
Jane Cho – Director of Administration, Aaron Copland School of Music
Sungeun Choi – Associate Professor, Department of Family, Nutrition and Exercise Sciences
Seogjoo Jang – Professor, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Seongyeon Ko – Assistant Professor of Korean Language and Linguistics
Sunghee Shin – Associate Professor, Elementary and Early Childhood Education
David Schober – Director and Chair, Aaron Copland School of Music

Eva Fernández – Acting Assistant Provost
Pyong Gap Min – Distinguished Professor of Sociology/Academic Director of the Year of Program
Marleen Kassel, Distinguished Lecturer, History Department and Advisor, Year of Korea
Cecilia Britez – Director of Administration, Year of Korea
Jean Kelly – Webmaster, Year of Korea Program and Instructional Technologist, Center for Teaching & Learning
Stephanie Davis – Writer/Editor, Year of Korea Program


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